Silvia is a film-maker and video-editor based in Paris, France.

Born in the island of Sicily, Italy, Silvia has lived and worked in several cities including Rome, Turin and Paris. She has obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy (Catania, 2008), a Masters in Aesthetics Studies (Rome, 2011), a Diploma of Audiovisual Production and Post-production (Catania, 2013) and a Masters in Arts and Languages (Paris, 2019).

Her passion for literature and cinema took her to develop an increasing interest for the narrative aesthetic construction, with a special regard to the relation between sounds, voices and moving images, which brings her to create different connections with dance, music and experimental surrounding.

Trying to find the fil rouge in other peoples stories, she works on diverse documentaries projects linked with the question of place memory in emigrants people mind.

She writes, shoots and edits her own projects and works as a video-editor since 2013.

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